Organic Avenue Juices

Organic Avenue – A Raw/Vegan Diet Wonderland

Organic Avenue in the West Village A few months ago I was wandering around a book store, and I stumbled across a book entitled, Odd Jobs: How to Have Fun and Make Money in a Bad Economy.  It basically was a tally of a bunch of odds and ends jobs that you can earn extra […]

weight scale

Eat These Fruits To Shed The Pounds

Feeling like you may have been packing on a few extra pounds lately? Or you just want to get rid of some stubborn pounds that will not budge? Try eating these yummy fruits to help with your weight loss. 1.       Apples An apple a day keeps the doctor away and don’t forget the peel. The peel contains […]

Something’s “Good Enough To Eat” On The UWS

For the brunch obsessed crowd like me, Manhattan is a playground. One of the biggest dilemmas on the weekend is where to brunch. There are a million choices in every neighborhood that you just can’t pick. I have been recently exploring the UWS and decided to brunch in the neighborhood. A couple of friends had […]

Natural healthy lips

How to get Kissably Soft Lips Naturally

During the winter the elements can wreak havoc on our luscious lips.  To help battle this I have some tips on how to keep your lips kissably soft throughout the winter, and year round. Tips to heal chapped lips, or keep your lips soft and healthy: 1.  Drink Plenty of Water – Since chapped lips […]

Speakeasy Trysts: Apotheke.Prescription For A Sexy Night Out

  Follow me to a sketchy dark alley on the edge of Chinatown. I will lead you infront of a Chinese restaurant that looks like every single place in that area. Open the doors and you are suddenly inside a dark cozy lair, surrounded by antique looking medicine bottle that line the wall, plush couches and […]